Learn How Occupational Therapy Can Benefit You

Who Is Eligible for Occupational Therapy Services?

For Adults and Seniors:

  • You DO NOT need a doctor referral or prescription for therapy services. In Florida, you have the right to see an Occupational Therapist through "direct access". Please call us for more information.
  • Direct Access allows you to be evaluated and treated immediately by your preferred therapist. Timely evaluation and immediate treatment can result in better outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.
  • We gladly accept Traditional Medicare (the red, white and blue card) and all Medicare Part B supplement plans (such as AARP)
  • Florida Keys Therapy & Wellness, LLC also gladly offers a discounted private pay rate for those not covered by traditional Medicare Part B insurance. Please call for additional information.

For Children:

  • If you or your child’s teacher notice that they are having a difficult time with fine motor skills (holding a pencil or crayon, feeding themselves, dressing with snaps, ties or buttons, cutting with scissors) or specifically with writing their letters, shapes or numbers, please call and I will gladly do an age appropriate screening evaluation with your child in the comfort of your home. After the evaluation, we can discuss whether your child would benefit from some play based therapy activities to help them make improvements in these important skills.

Falls are the most common cause of emergency room visits, injury, and death for people over 65. As we age, our bodies may lose strength, balance, and flexibility, resulting in an increased risk of falling. However, you do not have to accept this as a “normal” part of aging. There are specific therapy programs to help you regain lost strength, balance reactions, flexibility, and endurance that can help reduce your risk of falls.

Are you at risk for falls? Take this short quiz to find out.

  • 1 Have you fallen before or been injured because of a fall?
  • 2 Do you feel weaker than you used to or have less strength in your arms or legs?
  • 3 Have you stopped doing daily activities or avoided exercise because you are afraid of falling?
  • 4 Do you experience incontinence (difficulty with bladder or bowel control)?
  • 5 Has your hand strength decreased?
  • 6 Has your eyesight diminished or do you have trouble seeing clearly at night?
  • 7 Do you ever feel dizzy when you stand up?
  • 8 Has your hearing diminished?
  • 9 Do you have hip, knee, or foot pain that causes you to sometimes alter or adjust your steps when walking?
  • 10 Do you feel unsteady on your feet, shuffle, or take shorter steps when you walk?

Answering YES to any of these questions may put you at greater risk of falling. It’s best that you consult with a qualified occupational therapist as soon as possible so you can begin your personalized treatment program that will focus on your strengthening, regaining balance, as well as improving your endurance and flexibility.

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